Using WebP Images with Fallback
If your application involves showing a lot of images then probably it makes sense to add WebP support. Using the HTML tag is the most robust solution to display WebP images with fallback.
How to Know when an Element Gets Visible in the Screen During Scrolling
Previously finding whether an element has entered the screen used to be a pain, but the new Intersection Observer API makes this quite easy, and less error prone.
Using the Reviver Function in JSON.parse
JSON.parse accepts an optional second parameter - the reviver function. The purpose of this function is to modify the result before returning, and can be thought of as filter function.
Displaying 360-Degree Photos & Videos on Websites using Google VR View
360-degree photos and videos really give an enhanced user experience. They can be embedded in web pages using Google VR Javascript SDK.
Creating Modal Dialog and Lightbox Becomes Easier with HTML <dialog> Tag
The new <dialog> tag makes it easier to create dialogs and lightboxes. With Javascript you can also call methods to open the dialog or close it, or know when the dialog was closed.
Reading JSON in Node.js
The standard built-in Javascript object JSON can be used to parse json strings.
Detecting when an Element Becomes Fixed in CSS position:sticky with an Intersection Observer
Creating an element which would become fixed during scrolling has become very easy with CSS position : sticky. And with the new Intersection Observer API, it can be detected when an element comes in/out of sticky position.
How to Create an On Scroll Fixed Navigation Bar with CSS
With the introduction of sticky positioned elements, creating a navigation bar which becomes fixed on scrolling has become very easy. There is no Javascript required.
Reading XML in Node.js
The "xml2js" module can be used to read XML files in Node. In case if the file is huge, the "node-xml-stream" module can be used to read XML as a stream.
How to Change Screen Orientation with Javascript
Changing screen orientation becomes somewhat necessary in some cases, like playing HTML5 games in the browser. Screen orientation can be changed and locked using the new Screen Orientation API.
How to Crop Images in Node.js
The Sharp module can be used to crop an image in Node.
Handling Uncatched Promise Rejections in Browser
Modern browsers have brought forward the unhandledrejection event. This is fired when a Promise is rejected, but there is no rejection handler function implemented in the code.
Loading CSS Files with Javascript
Loading external CSS files with Javascript is beneficial because it improves the loading time of the page.
Loading External Javascript Files with Javascript
Loading Javascript files dynamically is beneficial because it improves the loading time of the page. It can be done by appending a new script tag in the html.
Offline / Online Detection with Javascript
With a lot of stress on "offline mode for web applications", applications need to know when the user has gone offline. They also need to know when the user comes back online again.
How to Create a Parallax Scrolling Effect with CSS
Parallax effect is one of the simplest ways to give an elegant look to your webpage. This effect can be achieved with the background-attachment CSS property.
Text to Speech with Javascript
In modern browsers text to speech feature is built natively in them. This means that you don't need external plugins or APIs to convert text to speech !
Resizing Images in Node.js
The Sharp Node.js module can be used to resize large images of any common file-type to web-friendly images of any dimension. It claims to be multiple times faster than ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick.
How to Install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql & PHP) on AWS EC2 with Ubuntu 18.04
In this article step-by-step process is discussed to setup LAMP stack in AWS EC2, with Ubuntu 18.04 as the operating system.
Node.js - Reading a File Line by Line
In some cases you may need to read a file, line by line, asynchronously. This can be done by the Readline module that reads data from a readable stream and emits an event after reading each line.