Creating a Page with Sidebar and Main Content Area using HTML & CSS
Popularly used in admin pages, a page with a left sidebar to hold menu options, and a section to hold the main content is one simple design that looks good.
How to Create, Update & Delete Spreadsheet with Google Sheets API using PHP
This tutorial explains how to create, update & delete a Google spreadsheet using Sheets API and PHP
How to Handle CSS in Browser Full-Screen Mode
When an element goes to full-screen , you can change the user interface by changing CSS properties. Tutorial handles all the cases that can possibly come.
How to Update and Delete an Event with Google Calendar API using PHP
Updating and deleting an event with Google Calendar API. Contains a demo.
PDF Viewer Plugin - Embed PDF Documents in Wordpress
PDF Viewer is a Wordpress plugin to embed PDF files in your Wordpress website. You can download it for free.
How to Detect Browser Language with Javascript
Using navigator.language property, you can detect browser language with Javascript.
Google Login with Javascript API
You can implementing "Login with Google" feature using only Javascript, using the Google SDK. This tutorial shows how to get a user to login with Google, and get his profile information.
Implementing 'Read More - Read Less' in Javascript
A good way to reduce a long text to a shorter one is by implementing "Read More - Read Less" functionality with Javascript.
Google Places Reviews - Javascript Plugin
Google Places Reviews is a Javascript / jQuery plugin for displaying Google reviews of a location on a website.
PDF Viewer - Javascript Plugin to Embed PDF Documents
PDF Viewer is a Javascript plugin for embedding PDF files in web pages and applications. The plugin does not require jQuery, and allows any number of PDF files to be embedded in a page.
Google Refresh Tokens : Answers to Some Common Questions
This article contains answers to common questions and confusions related to Google refresh tokens.
3 PHP Scripts that Can Help You to Have Your Own Social Networking Website
Creating a Facebook-like social networking website becomes a lot easier with these PHP scripts.
UI Tip : Replace your JPEG-PNG Logos by SVG ones
A SVG format logo will look far better than a jpeg or png format. SVGs bring high quality at a small file size.
UI Tip : Use Favico.js for Better Notification Management
Favico.js is a Javascript plugin that animates the website's favicon to inform user of new notifications.
UI Tip : Using Animated Favicon to Attract User Attention for an Inactive Browser Tab
While the user is on a different browser tab, you can get his attention by animating the favicon of the website.
How to Get Video Thumbnails with Javascript
It is possible to get the thumbnail of a video at a specified duration using canvas and video html elements.
How to Animate a Favicon in (Most) Browsers with Javascript
Only Firefox allows an animated GIF as favicon. To achieve an animated effect in rest of the browsers, you need to keep changing the favicon at regular intervals with Javascript.
Writing jQuery closest() in Pure Javascript
$.closest() is one of the most useful functions in jQuery. Know how to write this in pure Javascript.
Writing jQuery find() in Pure Javascript
$.find() is one of the most useful functions in jQuery. Know how to write this in pure Javascript.
Visual Illustration of Offset Height, Client Height & Scroll Height
Visually understand the difference between offsetHeight, clientHeight & scrollHeight with a live DOM element.