HTML 〈abbr〉Tag - Highlighting Abbreviations in Web Pages
The 〈abbr〉element is the standard markup element used to highlight abbreviated terms in a webpage. A title attribute can also provide the full description of the abbreviation.
HTML 〈dfn〉Tag - Highlighting Definitions in Web Pages
The HTML Definition element represented by〈dfn〉is the standard markup used to highlight terms being defined in webpages.
Saving Data in Browser with WebStorage API
The Web Storage API helps web applications to store data in the user's browser. As compared to cookies a lot more data can be saved.
Practical Use-Cases of Javascript Destructuring Operator
Destructuring can be used in Javascript to cut down the amount of code to write. This tutorial explains some possible use-cases of destructuring.
Web Typography - Creating Curly Quotes in HTML
Curly quotes can be created in HTML with the Inline Quotation element 〈q〉. Left & right, single & double curly quotes can also be created using entity symbols.
Handling White Spaces, Line Breaking and Word Breaking with CSS (VIDEO)
This video will show how browsers handles white space characters in HTML (word space, tab, carriage-return, line break) and how it can be controlled with CSS properties.
Destructuring Objects in Javascript
Javascript destructuring operator can be used on objects to copy multiple properties to given variables in a single line of code.
How to Check Document Ready in Javascript
jQuery ready() can be implemented in native Javascript by listening to the DOMContentLoaded event. This event is fired when DOM is ready for manipulation.
Destructuring Arrays in Javascript
The destructuring operator helps to assign values to variables from an array or object in a shorter syntax. It can shorten the amount of code to write for simple assignment statements.
Merging Javascript Objects with the Spread Operator
The Spread operator denoted by three dots provides a shorter syntax to merge objects Only enumerable properties of the object can be copied.
Reducing Array Values to a Single Value in Javascript
Array.reduce() and Array.reduceRight() are methods that can be used to process each element in array through a defined way, and get a single output combining all.
Formatting Text Input Content with Cleave.js
Cleave.js is a Javascript library that helps in formatting input text while the user is typing. Date, time, credit cards, phone numbers, currencies etc are supported.
How to Check Type of Data in Javascript
Type of a variable can be checked with 2 Javascript operators - typeof checks for a primitive data type, while instanceof operator checks whether it is a special kind of an object.
How to Convert Values to Numbers in Javascript
While dealing with mathematical calculations we need to make sure that the variable in question is actually a number. Any variable can be converted to a number using the global Number() method.
CSS Grid Video Course
This video offers an introduction to CSS Grid. It can be used to create responsive user interfaces by dividing the web page into a grid of rows and columns.
Checking if All Promises are Completed in Javascript
There are situations where an application needs to wait for the completion of multiple Promises and needs to know when they have all finished. In such cases Promise.all() or Promise.allSettled() methods can be used.
Using Immutable Data Structures In Javascript with Immutable.js
Immutable.js is a library for dealing with immutable data structures in Javascript. With this we can create immutable arrays and objects, and perform operations on them.
Immutable Data Structures In Javascript (VIDEO)
Data immutability becomes important when there are several developers working on a huge web application. This video shows how you can create immutable objects in Javascript.
Checking for Substring in Javascript (ES6 Way)
ES6 has introduced the includes() method which a better way of detecting substring in a given string.
How to Check for a Media Query Match in Javascript
In rare cases we may need to execute some Javascript code depending upon a specific media query. This can be done with the help of window.matchMedia object.