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CSS Animation of background-color & clip-path To Be Hardware Accelerated Soon

Google Chrome plans to add background-color & clip-path to the list of animatable CSS properties which are hardware-accelerated by the GPU.

Google Chrome Releases To Launch Every Four Weeks

New versions of Google Chrome will release every 4 weeks, as compared to the earlier 6 weeks.
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Changing Color of Radio Buttons with CSS accent-color

The color of radio buttons can be changed using the CSS accent-color property.
November 13, 2021

Creating Unique Ids in Deno

In Deno MD5 unique ids can be created using the uuid library. This is a standard library which is reviewed by the Deno team.
April 8, 2021

Getting MD5 Hash String in Deno

In Deno MD5 hash of a given string can be created using the hash library. This is a standard library which is reviewed by the Deno team.
April 6, 2021

Getting Date and Time in Deno

In Deno date and time can be handled through the built-in Javascript Date object. Deno also provides the standard datetime library which makes it very...
April 4, 2021

URL Encoding in Deno

A url can be encoded in Deno by either using the encodeURI() method or creating a URL object. No libraries are required to be imported.
April 2, 2021

Implement Google OAuth Login with Deno

This tutorial explains how to implement Login with Google in a Deno app using Google OAuth APIs.
March 31, 2021

Wait for Multiple AJAX Requests to Finish

Waiting for multiple simultaneous AJAX requests to be finished has become quite easy by using the concept of Promises. We change each AJAX call to ret...
March 29, 2021

Get Date & Time For a Given Timezone with Javascript

Date & time for a given IANA timezone (such as America/Chicago, Asia/Kolkata etc) can be found by using the Date.toLocaleString() method.
March 27, 2021

Convert Object to Array with Javascript

A Javascript object can be converted to an array using Object.keys(), Object.values() or Object.entries() methods.
March 24, 2021

Remove Property from a Javascript Object (2 Ways)

This tutorial discusses two ways of removing a property from an object. The first way is using the delete operator, and the second way is object destr...
March 22, 2021

Apply Background Color on Text Spanning Multiple Lines

To apply the background color only on the text spanning to multiple lines, the solution is to make the text container as an inline element rather than...
March 22, 2021

Play, Pause & Restart CSS Animations

Playing & pausing a CSS animation can be done by using the animation-play-state property. Completely restarting the animation can be done by first rem...
March 12, 2021

CSS Animation on Element Dynamically Inserted to DOM

Animation can be done on an element which is dynamically inserted to page using CSS animation property. This property allows to give an initial and th...
March 10, 2021

Text with Linear Gradient Background

A linear gradient background can be applied for a text by using the background-clip: text CSS property. With this the linear gradient background will ...
March 8, 2021

Types in TypeScript : any Type

The any type in TypeScript represents a data-type that can hold any possible value. any is similar to Javascript variables where no type checking is p...
March 3, 2021

Responsive Youtube / Vimeo Embeds with CSS

Using some CSS, Youtube / Vimeo iframes can be laid out in a specified aspect ratio. Once aspect ratio of the iframe is set, videos will be responsive...
February 28, 2021

Insert HTML String As Text in Javascript

The append() & prepend() methods can be used to insert HTML string inside a given element. Both methods parse given HTML string as text and create Tex...
February 25, 2021

Set Image as Background for Text with CSS

An image can be set as the background for a text by using the background-clip: text CSS property. This property will make the background extend beneat...
February 21, 2021

CSS Styling for Custom Elements

Custom elements can be styled using CSS defined in its Shadow DOM, or through user-defined CSS defined in the main page. User-defined CSS rules will a...
February 19, 2021

Using External CSS Stylesheets for Custom Elements

While creating a custom element, it is perfectly fine to use an external stylesheet for defining the element's CSS.
February 16, 2021