How to Assign Default Values to Function Parameters in JavaScript
Function parameters can be initialized with a default value in the parameter list itself using ES6 default parameters.
How to Convert String to Number in Javascript
The Number() method can be used to convert a string containing numeric characters to a number upon which mathematical operations can be done.
How to Check Number is Positive or Negative in Javascript (ES6 Way)
The Math.sign() is a new method introduced in ES6 that can be used to find whether a number is positive or negative or a zero.
How to Get the Integer Value from a Decimal Number in Javascript
The Math.trunc() method can be used to truncate the fractional portion of a number. The number can also be rounded to the next integer using Math.round(), Math.ceil() and Math.floor() methods.
HTML〈address〉Tag - Setting Address Information for a Webpage
The HTML〈address〉 element represents address information for the webpage. It can be read by machines and scripts for understanding that the included content is an address of some sort.
How to Create a Checkmark / Tick with CSS
A checkmark or a tick icon can be created with pure CSS by drawing two straight lines and rotating them.
HTML〈mark〉Tag - Marking Text of Special Importance
The HTML〈mark〉element can be used to highlight text of special relevance in a webpage. This tag can be read by machines, bots, screen readers etc to use the highlighted for their learning purposes.
Handling HTML Checkboxes with Javascript
This tutorial explains how to manipulate HTML checkboxes with Javascript. Most of the operations can be performed through the checked property of the checkbox DOM element.
How to Access "this" in Event Handlers and Callbacks with globalThis Property
The globalThis is a global property referring to the global object. This makes it very easy to access this inside callbacks, event handlers, inner functions etc.
How to Open URL in a New Tab with Javascript
A URL can be opened in a new tab in Javascript using the method. Both tabs can communicate with each other.
How to Get Values of a Javascript Object with Object.values()
All property values of a Javascript object can be found with the Object.values() method. Only values of own enumerable properties are returned.
How to Get Keys of a Javascript Object with Object.keys()
Keys of a Javscript object can be retrieved using the Object.keys() method. This returns own enumerable property names as an array.
Using :placeholder-shown to Customize CSS for Empty Text Input
:placeholder-shown is a selector for 〈input〉and〈textarea〉 elements who are currently showing placeholder text. This can be be used in forms to highlight empty text input.
HTML〈caption〉Tag - Giving Title to Tables
The 〈caption〉 tag is used to give a caption or title to HTML tables. This is the correct way of giving a title to a table as per the HTML specification.
How to Sort an Array of Objects in Javascript
The sort() method can be used to sort an array of objects. A custom callback function can be written that can sort using key(s) of the included objects.
How to Get CSS Values of Pseudo Elements with Javascript
CSS values of a pseudo-element can be retrieved in Javascript using the window.getComputedStyle() method.
HTML inputmode Attribute for Textboxes
The HTML inputmode attribute can be used for textboxes in a webpage. This can effectively customize the onscreen keyboard taking in the mind the data to be filled for the textbox - telephone, email, numbers etc.
Modern HTTP Headers for Web Applications (VIDEO)
Many HTTP headers have been newly introduced like Content-Security-Policy, Feature-Policy etc. These new headers can make your application secure and boost its performance.
How to Get Current Value of a CSS Property in Javascript
The window.getComputedStyle() method can be used to get current values of CSS properties of an element.
Finding Space Used / Space Remaining for Local Storage
The browser allots a specific amount of space to each website that is visited. This used space and the space remaining can be found with the StorageManager API.