Responsive Logo with CSS min() Function (No Media Query Involved)
A responsive logo can be achieved in a HTML page using the CSS min() function, without involving any media query.
Maintain Image Quality When Applying CSS Transform & Scale
While applying CSS transform on an image, and scaling it, a common problem comes up that the image becomes blurred. This can be largely improved using the CSS image-rendering property.
How to Make a DIV 100% of the Window Height using CSS
Making the height of a container element same as that of the window is useful in cases where there is a hero content to be presented. This can be done by setting the CSS height of the element in vh units.
How to Create a Black and White Image with CSS
An image can be converted to grayscale or black & white by applying the grayscale CSS filter on it. Even a partial grayscale conversion can be done.
CSS Latest Updates - Inner & Outer Values of display Property
The CSS display property has been upgraded to a two-valued syntax. This will allow us to make new layouts that were not possible before.
How to Change Link Underline Color using text-decoration-color CSS
By default, the color of the underline in a link is the same as its text color. However with the newly introduced text-decoration-color CSS property, the underline and the text can have different colors.
CSS Updates - New Properties for Styling Text Decorations & Underlines (VIDEO)
The new CSS properties such as text-decoration-thickness, text-decoration-color etc can help in creating attractive text decorations and underlines, which were not possible before.
How to Create a Dark / Light Mode for Websites
Giving user the preference of choosing a dark or light mode has become a very popular feature of operating systems. Webpages can also be shown in dark or light theme depending on the mode chosen in the device settings.
Disabling Pull-to-Refresh Feature on Mobile Browsers using CSS
Pull-to-refresh feature on mobile browsers that refreshes the page, can be disabled using the overflow-behaviour CSS property.
Latest CSS Properties and APIs for Web Design in 2020 (VIDEO)
Many next generation CSS properties and APIs have been introduced in browsers lately. These can help in creation of user interfaces that were previously not possible or were difficult to achieve.
CSS Selector to Select Elements Not Having Certain Class / Attribute / Type
Many times it may be required to select elements that are not having a specific class, attribute, id etc. This can be achieved using the CSS :not pseudo-class selector.
Creating HTML Tables with Fixed Header on Scroll using position: sticky CSS
Making table header row fixed on page scrolling was once quite a complicated problem that was somehow achieved with Javascript. But now it can be achieved easily using CSS with position: sticky.
Difference Between Pseudo-Class and Pseudo-Element in CSS
Pseudo-class and pseudo-element are both CSS selectors, however pseudo-class represents a virtual CSS class, whereas pseudo-element represents a virtual HTML element.
How to Change Placeholder Color for Textboxes
Color of the text specified by the placeholder attribute in input fields can be changed using the ::placeholder CSS selector.
How to Create a Checkmark / Tick with CSS
A checkmark or a tick icon can be created with pure CSS by drawing two straight lines and rotating them.
Using CSS :placeholder-shown to Customize Styles for Empty Text Input
:placeholder-shown is a selector for 〈input〉and〈textarea〉 elements who are currently showing placeholder text. This can be be used in forms to highlight empty text input.
How to Get Current Value of a CSS Property in Javascript
The window.getComputedStyle() method can be used to get current values of CSS properties of an element.
CSS Grid Video Course
This video offers an introduction to CSS Grid. It can be used to create responsive user interfaces by dividing the web page into a grid of rows and columns.
Get and Set CSS Variables with Javascript
In some case we may need to change the value of the CSS variable dynamically, or get the value of the variable in Javascript. This can be done using the native browser APIs.
CSS Variables (VIDEO)
CSS variables makes many UI problems easy, which were not straightforward before. This video will show you many interesting details about CSS variables.