Hey there, I'm Aabhas here.

Why usefulangle.com ?

I have always been fascinated in knowing the basics of things, and I have tried to shown the basics of web development in my tutorials.

It is the basics that differentiate a good developer from an average developer.

Knowing the basics makes you feel more confident. Knowing the basics will give you a thirst for knowing more, and motivate you to implement something with your knowledge.

usefulangle.com aims to increase your basics in web development. Most of the stuff here are related to raw Javascript or PHP, rather than frameworks. Frameworks are great — but it is really important to know whats going on inside. Your basics should be good enough so that you can probably code a (small) framework someday, just by yourself.

I hope you are finding tutorials on usefulangle.com quite useful. Feel free to include a comment below.

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