Golden Rules for Typography on the Web (VIDEO)

Published on March 30, 2019

"Good typography does not improve speed or understanding, but leads to greater engagement in reading."

"Web design is 95% typography."

This informative video presented at CSS Day brings out some general guidelines for typography on websites. It will make you to think about how small things in typography can bring so much of impact. Better typography can bring out a totally different webpage and bring out very different results expected from it.

The length of the video is a bit long, but will hook you. Web designers will probably just love it. Web developers will be amazed to see how typography can be so special.

There is more to web typography than just adding Google Fonts to your website :-)

Few interesting points brought forward in the video :

  • Why using the browser default font size for paragraphs is a good idea.
  • Adjusting font-size keeping in mind the distance of the user from the screen.
  • Priciples of good table design - text to be left aligned, numbers to be right aligned etc.
  • Learning to use variable fonts. Those who don't know, variable fonts does not refer to using multiple fonts, rather it is a different font technology.

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