Handling White Spaces, Line Breaking and Word Breaking with CSS (VIDEO)

Published on September 1, 2019

Use-Cases of this Tutorial

  • Know how white spaces can be handled with CSS.
  • Know how line breaks and word breaks can be handled with CSS.

White space characters in HTML (word space, tab, carriage-return & line break) are generally ignored by web developers. Not many people give a decent amount of time towards understanding how browsers handles these white space characters.

You can actually give a very different look to your user interface by properly handling word spaces, line breaks, tabs & word breaks through CSS.

The below video will give you insightful details how browser handles white space characters. Specifically CSS properties dealing with white space are discussed :

  • white-space
  • overflow-wrap
  • hyphens
  • word-break
  • line-break

It is very well researched video. If you're interested in web typography or building a website / blog that mostly deals with typography, it is must see.

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