UI Tip : Use Favico.js for Better Notification Management

Published on May 1, 2017

Favico.js is a free Javascript plugin

Favico.js is a free Javascript plugin which can help your application to show notifications to users in a better way. As the name indicates, Favico.js animates the website's favicon to inform user of new notifications. Animating the website's favicon is a good way to inform user of new notifications.

The special thing about a website's favicon is that it is still visible to the user even if he is on a different browser tab. So you can leverage the favicon to show new notifications to the user.


Click on the below button, and notice the browser tab title bar.

Favico.js Offers More

Favico.js can also help in creating a favicon on the go from images, videos or even a webcam stream !

You can also change all the badge option like background color, position, animation type etc. For the full list of features, visit Favico.js website.

Favico.js can be a good addition to the user interface of your web application. Informing the user about a new notification as fast as possible, can make your application even more useful.

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