Google Places Reviews - Javascript Plugin

Published on September 20, 2017

Google Places Reviews is a premium Javascript plugin. It is priced at $10.

Google Places Reviews is a Javascript / jQuery plugin for displaying Google reviews of a location on a website. Reviews of multiple locations can also be displayed on a single page with this plugin.

This plugin is coded in pure Javascript, and has no jQuery dependency. So it will work on any website or application using jQuery, Angular or React.

Demo #1

Show reviews in a container of width of 300px | height of 600px | theme color of #336699.

<div data-place-id="ChIJkTKDmJkUrjsRA0cvcq9bHyg" data-width="300" data-height="600" data-color="#336699" data-min-rating="1" data-show-business-info="1"></div>

Demo #2

Show reviews in a 100% width and height of the container.

<div data-place-id="ChIJo8c_JzyuEmsR1iRReDI-veU" data-min-rating="3"></div>

General Features

  1. Display upto 5 reviews of any Google location
  2. Use the plugin multiple times in a page
  3. Set height and width of the widget. It can also be set to occupy 100% of the container width and height
  4. Set a theme color
  5. Display a photo of the location
  6. Choose whether to show business information such as address, phone no & website
  7. Choose to show reviews above a particular rating (you may want to hide 1 & 2 star reviews)
  8. "See More" functionality to show partial reviews that are too long
  9. Link to see the complete list of reviews (will be redirected to the Google location)
  10. Link to add a review

Purchase this Plugin

You can purchase this plugin from CodeCanyon. It is priced at $10.

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