Browser Rendering Optimization - Free Course Offered by Google

Published on October 16, 2018

Google is offering a free video course on Browser Rendering Optimization. It teaches browser techniques and Javascript optimizations that would help web applications run smoothly.

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Highlights of the Course

  • Tells why 60 frames per second is important and how the browser uses HTML, CSS & Javascript to render each frame.
  • Know about the lifecycle of the app - Response, Animation, Idle & Load. This will help in knowing what kind of work should the web app do in which lifecycle.
  • Know how to use Chrome's Dev tools to identify performance bottlenecks — mainly the Timeline tool.
  • Know how to optimize Javascript for a smoother experience. Focuses on Javascript profiling in Chrome's Dev Tools.
  • Know how CSS changes affect the user experience

The course is well divided in 6 lessons, and multiple chapters within each lesson. Each lesson has examples, and quiz questions at the end.

Frontend Developers Should NOT Miss this Course

It is a great course for frontend developers, and should not be missed. Coming from Google, you will probably get to know things that you may have never found on the internet.

As told in the course introduction - "This course is about changing the way you approach performance issues. We are going to help you look at the bigger picture". Very true indeed !

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