Safari 15 Beta Launched, Enables theme-color Meta Tag for Desktop Browsers

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Safari 15 beta was launched during Apple's WWDC2021 event.

New Design

Safari 15 has a new design, very different from the traditional browser design. It is an attempt towards extending the design of the webpage to the full browser window, rather than using only the viewport. One great feature is that the tab bar can be blended into the website itself.

The design looks great. Other browsers must implement something similar as well ;-)

Web Platform Updates

Major web platform updates in this version include :

  • Support added for <meta name="theme-color"> tag. Support is included for desktop browsers as well.

    <!-- change navigation bar color -->
    <meta name="theme-color" content="#e9e9e9">
  • Support added for aspect-ratio CSS property.
  • Support added for Javascript top level await.
  • And more.

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Design for Safari 15 is video released during WWDC2021 demonstrating the web design improvements in Safari 15.

June 24, 2021


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