Formatting Text Input Content with Cleave.js
Cleave.js is a Javascript library that helps in formatting input text while the user is typing. Date, time, credit cards, phone numbers, currencies etc are supported.
Using Immutable Data Structures In Javascript with Immutable.js
Immutable.js is a library for dealing with immutable data structures in Javascript. With this we can create immutable arrays and objects, and perform operations on them.
Displaying 360-Degree Photos & Videos on Websites using Google VR View
360-degree photos and videos really give an enhanced user experience. They can be embedded in web pages using Google VR Javascript SDK.
Browser Rendering Optimization - Free Course Offered by Google
Google is offering a free video course on Browser Rendering Optimization. This course is about changing the way you approach performance issues for web applications.
PDF Viewer Plugin - Embed PDF Documents in Wordpress
PDF Viewer is a Wordpress plugin to embed PDF files in your Wordpress website. You can download it for free.
Google Places Reviews - Javascript Plugin
Google Places Reviews is a Javascript / jQuery plugin for displaying Google reviews of a location on a website.
PDF Viewer - Javascript Plugin to Embed PDF Documents
PDF Viewer is a Javascript plugin for embedding PDF files in web pages and applications. The plugin does not require jQuery, and allows any number of PDF files to be embedded in a page.
3 PHP Scripts that Can Help You to Have Your Own Social Networking Website
Creating a Facebook-like social networking website becomes a lot easier with these PHP scripts.
UI Tip : Use Favico.js for Better Notification Management
Favico.js is a Javascript plugin that animates the website's favicon to inform user of new notifications.